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Why Branding Matters

Your brand is your identity as a business. Your identity is how you imagine your business from the inside out –
what values you hold, the qualities of the products or services you're producing, and the employees that are
building that product or service. All of these components (and many more) add up to form your business identity.

Imagine how your business appears to someone without intricate knowledge of all the company's inner workings.
This is the brand. You know better than anyone else what your company stands for, but you need to be able to
effectively communicate that vision to your customers.

To translate your business identity into a brand, one of the first steps is to have a strong logo and use it
consistently across all online and print materials as well as promotional products. A logo is the symbol through
which a business will be recognized. It is the point of connection between the business and its customers.

When customers are able to understand your brand through a visual clue such as a logo, then the system is
working and the results may be more beneficial than you realize. This is when client trust and brand loyalty

How to Get There
Get your logo where it can be seen – in front of customers, clients, team members, or anyone else who may
or may not be familiar with your brand. We’re not talking about a trinket that ends up in the trash. Give your
customers something worth keeping – something they will use every day.

With your own customized journal you can make sure your company is remembered long after that
conference, event, or first meeting.

Learn more about the benefits of note-taking and why using a journal is better than an app. In the process of designing your logo? Check out these top logo design tips.

How easy is it to order your customized journals? You choose the paper style (lined, blank, dotted, squared, blank/lined), quantity (100 min), and then send in your high-res logo and you’re done. It’s that simple. Contact us today to get a quote.